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Orthodontic Treatment

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Orthodontic issues require specialised attention. Patients with dental and facial irregularities should prioritise orthodontic treatments for beautiful and healthier smiles. At Parbold Dental Practice, we create brighter smiles with our orthodontic treatments in Wigan.

Our services are designed to meet your orthodontic needs. We use a comprehensive approach to make sure that every patient receives optimal treatment. We have years of experience regarding braces design and application to properly aligns your teeth, jaw and lips.

Detailed consultation for better understanding

Before every orthodontic procedure, we will discuss the entire procedure with you. It is important that you understand the process to know what to expect. We make sure everything about the procedure is clear; from the initial appointment to the procedure, and even future maintenance needs.

If you have enquiries, do not hesitate to ask any of our staff. We promote a friendly and approachable environment in our practice; we will answer all questions regarding oral health and your procedure. We welcome patients with highly personalised services that prioritise their oral needs.

Our dentists possess professional knowledge in the field of orthodontics. We focus on the impact of the treatment on your teeth and the whole face. The end result is a beautiful smile and improved facial aesthetics.

Resolve orthodontic issues as soon as possible. With Parbold Dental Practice's Wigan orthodontics, you will receive the right solutions. Enquire now and book an appointment with us.

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?
Emma was unhappy with the position of her teeth. We completed her smile makeover with Invisalign, Tooth whitening then some simple composite bonding at the end to give her a smile she was happy with. Treatment was completed in under 12 months.
Steven was unhappy with the colour and position of his teeth. After chatting through all options we decided Invisalign and tooth whitening was the best solution for Steven. Treatment was completed within 12 months using clear braces and zoom whitening.

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