Teeth whitening in Ormskirk- what’s available?

Teeth whitening Ormskirk is available in our clinic; there are several options, and a face to face discussion with one of our dentists is the only way to fully explore your dental goals and find the optimum treatments for you.


That said, here’s a brief explanation of the process as a starting point, so you can decide if you wish to pursue treatment with us.

Types of dental staining

The first step to identifying the solution is to identify the problem. Although all dental staining results in the discolouration of the teeth, the reasons as to why vary. Extrinsic staining forms on the outside of the enamel. This could be from plaque, poor oral hygiene or a tannin build up, from high tannin drinks like coffee and red wine.

Intrinsic staining changes the colour of the enamel or underlying dentine. This is often caused by exposure to iron salts, or ingesting high levels of fluoride before the age of four. A tooth that has undertaken an endodontic root canal will darken over time due to changes in the dentine. There are a few genetic conditions like dentinogenesis imperfecta which intrinsically change the translucency of the teeth.

Abrasion treatments

The vast majority of dental staining can be removed by abrasion; slowly rotating a rubber drill head with an abrasion containing gel is commonly used. With our experienced staff, this can be done with a minimal loss of enamel. In the event of very stubborn staining, full prophylaxis can be used, where about 1 micron of enamel is ground off of the tooth’s surface. In the case of prophylaxis, we would often apply a dental varnish to reduce future staining.

Bleaching treatments

For intrinsic staining, the common approach is to use a permeating preparation of hydrogen peroxide. This is absorbed into the enamel and even whitens the underlying dentine. With teeth whitening Ormskirk  the first step is to prepare a protective dam over the gum and mould a plastic tray over the teeth which will be bleached. Once the tray is set, it can be removed from the teeth and filled with a gel containing the bleaching agents. It is then placed back into the mouth. 

At the surgery

The teeth whitening Ormskirk that we perform in the surgery has the advantage of being overseen by fully qualified and experienced dental staff who can ensure the best results, on the same day, with the lowest risk to your health. All abrasion techniques must be performed in our clinic.

At home

Bleaching at home is an option for those who are looking to gradually alter the shade of their teeth, and is similar to in-clinic bleaching, without the use of gum protection and with a lower concentration of peroxide gel. The dental trays are worn for two to three hours a day for up to three weeks.

We are offering free online consultations with our dental staff. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at reception where we would be happy to answer any queries you may have.