What is teeth whitening and why may I choose to undergo teeth whitening in Ormskirk?

Teeth whitening in Ormskirk is essentially a chemical formula that alters the shade of the teeth. There are a variety of types of teeth whitening, and at home tooth whitening has risen dramatically in recent years. At home whitening can be supplied by us, here at Parbold Dental Practice, and sometimes works by using an activated LED light, as well as impressions/ plastic retainers.

Teeth Whitening in OrmskirkTooth whitening may be suitable for patients who suffer from either extrinsic or intrinsic staining and discolouration of the teeth. Tooth whitening with us, may take one to three treatments, and the amount of shades will vary between each individual patient, and their initial tooth shade.

Lifestyle factors can increase the chances of tooth staining dramatically. Smoking can cause staining as well as other dental health concerns (such as oral cancer). Drinking highly pigmented liquids such as red wine can also cause discolouration. Highly pigmented food such as curry, and other varieties of food can also cause discolouration of the teeth. Typically, there are two main types of tooth whitening, vital and non vital tooth whitening. Vital whitening is typically used on teeth that have live nerves. Vital whitening is undergone using a gel that is directly applied to the surface of the teeth. The way in which this form of tooth whitening works is the chemical within the gel, which is typically one form of hydrogen peroxide.

What is non-vital tooth whitening?

Non vital tooth whitening is an alternative form of tooth whitening that is used to whiten the tooth from the inside, to improve the aesthetic appearance of the outside of the tooth. This form of tooth whitening is used to treat teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. This form of whitening works by placing a whitening agent inside the tooth and a temporary filling is then placed over it. The frequency of this particular treatment can vary greatly, depending on the patient’s desired tooth shade.

What tooth whitening services/treatments do you offer at your dental surgery in Ormskirk?

At our practice we offer two forms of teeth whitening, one of which is commonly known and referred to as ‘power whitening’. Power whitening is not carried out at your home, and is done instead in the comfort of a dental chair, using a gel, which is directly adhered to the front surface of the teeth. The bleach is activated using a lamp, and a protective barrier is placed to protect the gums and lips.

How long does the ‘power’ teeth whitening treatment in Ormskirk process take?

This treatment can see immediate effects, and within just sixty minutes, your teeth can be visibly several shades whiter.

We also offer at home whitening treatments, which are ideal for our patients who have hectic lifestyles. Plastic impressions are made, and a gel is applied within the retainer like mechanism. Results are seen within a few weeks.

What if I feel nervous about visiting the dentist?

Dental anxiety can occur for a variety of reasons, one of which being an irrational phobia, maybe due to a negative childhood experience. If you experience anxiety surrounding dental environments, then you can be assured we aim to put our patients at ease within our surgery.