Whiter teeth quicker than a whites wash

When your teeth have been through the washing machine of life, how can you get those whiter than white stain activators to turn back the time on your stained teeth? Our dentists at Parbold Dental have all the answers for you when it comes to teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening in OrmskirkTeeth whitening, is it safe?

Unlike the bleach in your washing stain removers, teeth whitening uses a very gentle, safe whitening agent to reduce the appearance of stains. It can brighten your teeth significantly and really make your pearly whites sparkle.

You can choose from power whitening at the clinic or a home whitening kit.

Power whitening

Power whitening is conducted at the clinic. Firstly, we take an impression of your teeth and use the impression to create a custom-made, plastic tray that will gently hug your teeth. Once we have the tray ready to go, you’ll then come in for your whitening treatment. The bleaching agent is added to the tray and applied to your teeth using the tray. It’s then given a power boost by using light to activate the gel. Your teeth will gently lighten over an hour and you’ll walk away from the clinic with an instant, brighter, whiter smile.

Home kits

You may prefer to administer the whitening agent yourself at home. In which case a tray is made for you as before. You will then add the bleaching agent yourself and wear the tray during the day or evening for a few hours at a time. Because the whitener is milder, it can take a while to see results, however after a couple of weeks application you will see that your teeth have whitened by a few shades.

Whichever method you choose, you could have whiter teeth within two weeks. If you’d like to discuss which treatment would suit you, ring for a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners. They will tell you if teeth whitening will give you the result your looking for or offer you alternatives.

If you’re looking for a quick tooth spin rinse, power whitening or home kit teeth whitening in Ormskirk could be the solution for you.