Discover how teeth whitening in Ormskirk could brighten up your day

Time to shine

Here at Parbold Dental, it is our mission to help everyone who passes through our door find their ideal smile, and the self-confidence to use it. We recognise that the difficulties of the past year may have caused many people to put off seeking out treatments such as teeth whitening Ormskirk while more pressing matters took centre stage.

Now that things are easing and normality is returning, we are strongly encouraging anyone who is dissatisfied with the shade of their enamel to take action, by contacting our understanding and empathetic staff at our practice and arranging a consultation with one of our whitening specialists.

Why seek out teeth whitening Ormskirk?

Having teeth that are stained, yellowed or discoloured is a far more common problem than you might think, but one that – if proper treatment is not sought out – can take a lasting toll on your self-esteem and the amount that you smile.

Rather than continuing to purposefully hide your smile away behind a mask, anyone who feels their enamel has become discoloured should contact our clinic and enquire about teeth whitening Ormskirk.

Many people often feel that the reason their enamel has become dull or yellow in colour is due to poor oral care, which can often cause them to be embarrassed and refrain from seeking out the help they need, however, this is commonly untrue. While poor oral routines can contribute to a duller enamel shade, this is not the only reason why your smile might seem more discoloured than usual.

Why are my teeth more yellow?

In reality, there are several factors that can cause discoloured enamel, including certain lifestyle choices or habits – such as smoking – or dietary preferences such as favouring rich and dark foods and drinks like black coffee or red wines.

Similarly, age is another reason that your teeth may seem duller than usual – as the older you get the more your enamel (the outermost tooth layer) will wear away, exposing the dentine, which is a more yellow colour.

This means that even those who take pride in their vigorous and regular oral maintenance can find their teeth to appear more yellow over time, and can therefore cause them to seek out treatments such as teeth whitening.

What does teeth whitening treatment consist of?

When it comes to treating discoloured teeth, the first thing which we need to establish is the type of dental staining you have. Typically there are two varieties of dental staining – extrinsic staining, and intrinsic staining.

Extrinsic stains are those which affect your enamel and are both the most common type of staining, and the easiest to treat. Intrinsic staining happens when the dentine (second-most layer of the tooth) becomes stained, which can require more extensive treatment to address.

Once our dental whitening specialist has determined the type of staining you have, they can then begin detailing the various types of treatments on offer which can help brighten your smile. These include both power whitening – which is carried out within our practice – and at-home whitening, depending on the needs and preferences of each patient.