Keeping up appearances with white fillings Ormskirk

What is a filling?

When a tooth becomes compromised with a hole in it, a new level of sensitivity and dental problems can follow. Whether it causes discomfort or physical pain, it is important to book an appointment with your dental team to clean out the area and fill it with a dental filling. In the past dental fillings have only been created from a metal or amalgam, but as the cosmetic world continues to infiltrate the dental world, cosmetic appearances have begun to impact the materials used and therefore white fillings Ormskirk have come into play.

These small but effective fillings are becoming the more popular choice of filling and are being used to replace the older metal materials. Whilst the cosmetic impact on the patient has been considered, rest assured that the material used is just as sturdy and not only blends in with the natural tooth, but withstands the same amount of pressure.

Why might a filling be needed?

Whilst in a perfect world, every individual’s oral health would be at the highest level, reality is somewhat different. Sugary drinks and sweets are a part of daily life, bad habits such as opening cans with our teeth have gradually filtered into our lives and therefore the teeth, mouth and gums have been put under a large amount of strain. As the plaque building up has not been removed efficiently enough and has turned to tooth decay, the teeth have suffered and holes have more often than not formed. This is where the filling comes in. Protecting the root of the tooth and acting as a protection to the rest of the tooth before further damage can be incurred.

Discovering your options

As a member of your dental team, we at Parbold Dental, will always strive to work with you and use preventive methods to avoid fillings and other dental treatments and procedures. That being said, we also know that dental cavities occur and working as a team with you will not always prevent these dental issues from occurring. This is why from the moment a hole is noticed we are there to work with you and ensure that the area is cleaned and an appropriate filling put in place. Whether it be a white filling Ormskirk to blend in with your smile and remove the possible glint of metal or whether it be the standard metal filling. Your dental team will be there to discuss all your options and be a support as and when you need it.

A difference in price

As with the majority of more cosmetically driven treatments and procedures, the cost can be slightly higher than the standard ones. However, it is important to understand that should your financial situation worry you, respecting your dental care, there are both finance and payment plans available to assist you with your costs. Should this be a concern of yours, or you wish to know more, speak with our reception team in order to understand your options before deciding one way or another on your white fillings Ormskirk.